Automatic Gate Openers

The gate opener choice is your most important one. When deciding on a product you will need to consider quality, circuitry, warranty, dealer rating, safety and overall ownership cost. Please review the following for a better decision making process.

Quality: make certain the materials used to construct the opener are of sufficient quality, characteristics, thickness and coating to stand the elements and use.

Circuitry: The circuit board is the brain of your opener and without it your opener will not work. It is also one of the most expensive parts of the opener and the most common piece to fail on a cheap product. Check that the circuitry has been market tested long enough so as to avoid down times and expensive repair jobs.

Warranty: Check for warranty term and coverage of your new gate opener. Investigate how long the company has been in business and if they can back up their warranty claims. How long is the repair turnaround and are there associated charges with it.

Dealer Rating: Dealer rating will tell you what authorized dealers think of the product, they install these devices every day and do not want to return for free repairs. This is a good indicator for you; if all opinions point in one direction you can trust that product.

Safety: Ensure that the opener is UL approved which means it passed the minimum safety requirement by a governing body. Some companies go above and beyond UL guidelines to protect you from malfunctions not yet tackled by the government.

Overall Ownership Cost: Your upfront cost should not be your deciding factor but the overall ownership should be. Even the best brands offer inferior “hook” products; they cost very little up front but cost you hundreds and even thousands more within 2-3 years. Their parts fail, the service calls pile up and even entire units need replacement. Make a wise investment and use the overall ownership as your financial guide.


Telephone Intercom Systems

Your telephone entry system is installed outside of your gate to provide you with communications means with your visitors and guests and as a commend center for your gate opener. These systems come with variety of features and finishes and are considered an integral part of today’s electric gate system.


Gate Control Devices

Your control devices are the products you purchase to activate or stop your gate such as:

  • Remote Controls
  • Electronic Keypads
  • Card Readers
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Underground Sensors
  • Fire Department Access
  • Safety beams
  • And more!

Gate Accessories

Gate accessories make the gate run smoother, safer, easier and more efficient. Below are some accessories we recommend for your consideration:

  • Battery back up system
  • Fire Department Box
  • Loops
  • Photocell
    • Proximity Card Reader
    • Elite Power Hinge
    • Maglock
    • CCTV Cameras



Cellular Phone Entry

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