Gate Repair

The Gate Doctor™ specializes in the service and repair of automatic gates. We are authorized by most major brands to perform, maintain, service and install electric gate equipment. Whether you need to repair a single component or the entire system – we can do it all! Call us today to schedule an appointment: 678-624-9432.

Gate Operator Repair
  • Gate opener not working
  • Broken gate opener
  • Gate is stuck closed
  • Gate not responding
  • Gate opens on its own
  • Gate making loud noises
  • Problem is intermittent

Telephone Entry System Repairs
  • System is not ringing
  • Gate code not working
  • Program a new code
  • Guest cannot hear me…
  • Hum/Noise on phone line
  • Hit by vehicle
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Improve or add Surge Protection

Gate Repair
  • Broken hinges
  • Sagging gates
  • Rusted gates
  • Faded or chipped paint
  • Rotten wood gates
  • Barrier arm broken
  • Broken weld
  • Surge Protection needed
  • Continually hit by lightning
  • Needs a Maglock
  • Gates was hit in an accident

Emergency Service
  • Help! I’m stuck!!!

Diagnostic Service
  • Gate closes on cars
  • Infrared beam not reversing gate
  • Gate is erratic
  • Gate loops not working
  • Remotes not working
  • Card Reader not working
  • Emergency Egress not working
  • Battery backup system not working

Database Services
  • Manage telephone entry database systems
  • Remove/add codes
  • Remove/add transmitters, remotes, clickers or cards
  • Update telephone numbers and/or residents
  • Data management contracts available

Preventative Maintenance
  • Semi-annual residential gate maintenance- every 6 months
  • Quarterly commercial gate maintenance- every 3 months
  • Monthly industrial gate maintenance- every month

Welding Service
  • Gate fell off the hinges
  • Gate is rusted through
  • Pickets are bent
  • Replace hinges or brackets